Useful Links & BeagleBone Design Resources

Getting Started

Get started with your BeagleBone Black in minutes, click on the link below to read the step-by-step getting started tutorial below to begin developing with your BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black

Getting started with BeagleBone & BeagleBone Black



Do you need inspiration for your  first BeagleBone Black project ? Take a look at over 300 registered projects already listed on From Helicopters to turning your Beaglebone Black into a SNES emulator there is something here to get you thinking. What will yours do?

Registered Projects



The BeagleBone Forum, the place to ask specific questions from other Beaglebone Black users, from questions about I2C, GPIO, USB, HDMI or any of the other peripherals to Boot loaders, Android or UBUNTU the Beaglebone forum is the place to look for answers or ask questions of your own.

BeagleBone Forum

As a community based board there are plenty of blogs and websites with people at various stages of exploring the BeagleBone Black, from those just starting to explore electronics design to experienced users.  As well as the official BeagleBone Forum here are two additional pages well worth taking a look. 

Hipster Circuits

Derek Molloys Blog

DesignSpark Forum


Operating System

The power of the Texas Instrument Sitara™ ARM® Cortex-A8 processor allows the flexibility to run many different operating systems. To download the latest distributions including UBUNTU, Debian, or even SNES visit the software section on the official Wiki.

Operating Systems

For BeagleBone Black gerber files, reference manuals,  schematics or bills of materials visit the links below.

For the latest technical information, FAQ, software downloads and information on terms and conditions of use please visit the BeagleBone Black official Wiki Page.

BeagleBone Black Wiki Page


Design Resources


Ready to take your BeagleBone project further?  DesignSpark PCB is an award-winning professional software package for schematic capture and PCB layout,available for FREE from RS Components.

Key features

  • Schematics entry and PCB Layout
    • Full link between schematics and PCB
    • Auto placement & Auto router
    • Interface to simulation tools (LTSpice, Tina, etc.)
    • Built-in design calculators (track/via resistance, power dissipation, etc.)
    • Comprehensive Design Rule Check
    • Output files: Gerber, Excellon, DXF, IDF, component positions for automated
  • assembly (csv, txt)
  • Full import from Cadsoft Eagle (PCB, schematics, libraries)
  • Component and circuit element grouping
  • Many more…


Promise from RS: DesignSpark PCB with all its features is and always will be free for commercial and non-commercial use and remain unlimited on:

  • PCB area (up to 1m² board size)
  • PCB layers
  • Number of schematic sheets
  • Number of components/pins
  • Tool use (no licenses, paid-for upgrades/features, etc.)

We are proud winners of the following awards

  • “New Product of the Year” - PCB Design and Fab Magazine,
  • “Most Popular Software Platform/Development Tool” - EEPW China,
  • “IP/EDA Most Popular Product of the Year” - EETimes ACE Awards



Want to track your BeagleBone Black project from idea to production and store all your files? Get support from other electronics engineers? Visit DesignShare at DesignSpark:

Developed in conjunction with Elektor  'DesignShare' is available via and includes two main areas: 'Ideas' and 'Projects'.

Post project ideas, generate discussion and invite comment from other DesignSpark members the 'Ideas' or 'Incubator' .


Visit the BeagleBone Black Design Centre on Design Spark.