Light Touch Switches from Panasonic

Today's HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology is often based on haptics and small switches in a variety of designs.

Nowadays application consumption is minimised by using electronic circuits with switching elements that carry low currents.

Panasonic Light Touch Switches, which are also known as tactile switches, are notable for their excellent functionality, service life, workmanship and quality.

Long-established manufacturing plants, which use breakthrough technology and have full ISO-9001, TS-16949 and ISO-14001 accreditation, are the foundation for this work.


Why are Light Touch Switches now becoming increasingly important?

Increasingly companies are investing in so-called haptics departments, which deal

exclusively with input devices (devices which are turned, pushed or switched on or off).

In this field, everything is benchmarked against the customer and the customer's perception of comfort and touch.

But just what does it mean to "feel good to the touch" and how do you quantify this? To set themselves apart from the competition, today's companies and brands seek to give their products a unique, distinguished operational feeling.

Panasonic does this by offering a vast range of Light Touch Switches as standard. The products' greatest strength, however, lies in the fact that the haptics can be customised to meet the customer's needs.

Customised Light Touch Switches can even be mass produced thanks to Panasonic's total in-house design capability and production facilities.


What are the benefits for users?

  • A large selection of models as standard
  • Super small-sized designs that allow users to miniaturise
  • IP67 certification on all the latest models
  • A long service life thanks to high-performance metal dome technology
  • Safe and reliable


What are the requirements for successful installation of Light Touch Switches?

To achieve an optimal layout, the user should be aware of application requirements, environmental conditions and conditions of use.

The installation space, operating temperature range, service life and operating forces (value and direction) are the cornerstones of making a sensible preliminary selection.


What is the primary use for Light Touch Switches?

In principle there are no limits to how these switches can be used. Panasonic switches can be fitted in appliances with a rating ranging from approx. 10μA - 2V dc to 50mA - 12V dc and a required operating force of between 1.0N and 5N


What different technologies are used in Light Touch Switches?

Designs feature either SMD or THT technology. The production benefits of SMD technology, however, mean that the trend is clearly towards this particular technology.

Switches are further divided into short stroke, middle-stroke and long stroke categories.

Metal dome type technology is used in short stroke switches whilst rubber dome type technology is used in long and middle-stroke switches.


Market segments

Industrial and automotive                 


Audio visual

White goods, medical technology

Wearable devices