Lascar PanelPilot ACE graphical display panel meter

What is the SGD 43-A?

PanelPilot Ace is a multifunction industrial display which is programmable to become a simple panel meter or advanced user interface, or HMI. Incorporating TFT technology and a full colour, 4.3” capacitive touch screen, it is a valuable and much needed advance in real-time monitoring of voltage and current inputs. It has the ability to display the parameters and readings in a variety of forms, ranging from analogue, bar graphs, trend graphs and waveforms, and traditional needle pointers.


Programming the SGD 43-A

The PanelPilot can be programmed from a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. USB connectivity allows the user to easily program the interface using free function block based design software. Create your own customisable graphical display with the innovative drag and drop user interface functionality. Choose from a wide range of graphical images from the design studio image library. Create anything from a simple meter to highly advanced user interface with control elements.


Design your own meter with PanelPilot Ace

The software supplied with PanelPilot offers a variety of graphical metering representations, in selectable image formats. To this end it is possible to design and build your own multi-channel panel meter in just 15 minutes, using online tutorials and support.  Future firmware upgrades from manufacturer Lascar will increase functionality further with new mathematical and graphical functions.


How the PanelPilot works

SGD 43-A features an ARM9 microprocessor running embedded Linux, with 1Gbit of DDR2 SDRAM. This enables the required inputs to be displayed in the chosen graphical manner to best suit the process, manufacture, or dynamic environment being monitored. It provides a the platform to allow configuration and customisation of a range of graphical colour displays. The unit is powered by 5-30Vdc or USB.


PanelPilot hardware

PanelPilot provides 4 x 16-bit analogue inputs, 8 digital I/O, 4 PWM outputs for motor control applications, 2 alarm outputs, and a number of serial inputs. The alarm outputs provide for external alarm indication functionality or other remote telemetry applications.



PanelPilot Ace hardware block


Getting started with the PanelPilot

The PanelPilot Ace design studio contains video tutorials to provide professional help in getting started quickly. Use this to create virtually any display demanded by your industrial process, then reconfigure or customise it in minutes, again using the design studio.


Typical PanelPilot Ace graphical display formats


Breadboarding and test

Allied to the PanelPilot Ace is a development kit, SGD 43 – A DK+. This gives you access to all of the unit’s inputs and outputs for easy configuration. It provides the ability to emulate and test your project or application before making live. You can also import graphics, define alarm triggering points and customise in seconds.


PanelPilot applications

Who uses the PanelPilot? Typical users include machine and control panel builders, process control engineers and instrumentation engineers who will welcome the touch-screen interface as a real step-change in metering. SGD 43-A is suited to users who demand a high quality, touch screen visual interface but do not require the complexity or cost of a PLC.

Practical application examples of PanelPilot include use in the marine industry, for instrumentation panels; vending machines; and applications in motorsport vehicles. Bench test equipment too, is an ideal example of where the SGD 43-A comes into its own.


The future of PanelPilot

Lascar will work with users to evolve new and exciting  display functionality. Users will be able to develop and influence improvements and Lascar will provide free upgrades on an ongoing basis.


Why use the PanelPilot?

Designing PanelPilot Ace into your equipment, panel or application gives you the ability to create simple or complex panel meter interfaces, as the need arises. The unit is fully customisable to a variety of industrial and commercial applications.