Wireless Limit Switch vs Traditional Limit Switch

The growth of wireless automation continues to gather pace as the technology becomes both, more reliable and technically advanced. Leading brands are investing significant time and resource into developing wireless solutions with high integrity to meet the demanding conditions of industry.

 Wireless automation is making up ground on traditional wired solutions, whilst bringing many benefits to the end user, such as lower cost of installation, reduced maintenance, greater flexibility in application, and the ability to retro fit within existing installations. With typical installation savings of 50% compared to traditional wired, the move to wireless is very much alive.

Typical example using new range of wireless limit switches against traditional wired.

New fit of Limit switch between 50m conveyor system and control room, assume wet condition

Traditional wired – Products needed



Wireless – Products needed

  • Wireless Limit Switch – IP67  Wireless with /roller Plunger
  • Antenna
  • Wireless Panel Mount Monitor
  • Total cost estimate €610 – 50% cost of wired installation


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