Pushing the Boundaries in Smarter

and Safer Power Distribution.

The Acti 9 Modular System


Launched last year by Schneider Electric, the new Acti 9 range is a complete modular low-voltage distribution system offering protection, control, measurement and communication. The range promises much, including unmatched efficiency and total controllability, according to Schneider, along with the ability to single-handedly transform control and electrical distribution in modern commercial builds.


Next Generation

Designed to be the next evolution of the company’s well-known and industry-leading Multi 9 system, the Acti 9 Modular System represents Schneider’s fifth generation of modular systems and is the culmination of 40 years of industry experience. Covering all applications and implementing as many as 21 new patents, several of the Acti 9’s features are exclusive to Schneider. The Acti 9 range is especially suited to demanding environments and networks and offers high levels of safety, zero maintenance and excellent continuity of service. It also includes the latest technology available in terms of robustness, security, quality, reliability and sustainable development.

Combined with the Smartlink communication system, Acti 9 is a complete and ready-to-connect system that is compatible with any EMCS (Energy Management and Control System) architecture. It unites basic control with optimum protection to easily manage energy efficient solutions in any environment using the flexible, reliable and easy-to-use Modbus communication system. Offering increased levels of safety, usability and performance, the extremely wide product range should meet the requirements of manufacturers of control panels, panel builders and contractors among many others – includes miniature circuit breakers

(MCBs), residual current devices (RCDs), switch disconnectors, DIN-rail-mounted control and other switching products.

In addition, the range is designed to be completely environmentally friendly and is said to be the only industry MCB system that is made from 100% recyclable and recoverable components. A highly flexible and comprehensive system, Acti 9 based systems can also evolve with the demanding requirements of industrial and tertiary electrical installations, in addition to providing zero-maintenance installations that are highly cost effective over time.



Safety is one of the major advantages of the Acti 9 system. Its VisiSafe feature provides reinforced insulation on the iC60 miniature circuit breaker and ilD residual current breaker ranges. This guarantees that the downstream circuit is always safe, regardless of overvoltage conditions, wear, or contractor experience, even in the most demanding environments. Combined with its Class 2 front face, where clearances between its surfaces and internal parts are more than twice the industry standard.


Class 2 front-face IP40



The Acti 9 MCBs and residual-current circuit breakers (RCCBs) operate using a fast-closing mechanism, which reduces wear and tear on the main contacts, thereby increasing the lifetime of the products especially when they are used for protection and functional switching.


Fast closing main contacts


In addition, the system’s VisiTrip feature enables users to identify a fault with a single glance, enabling the quick diagnosis, resolving and reclosing of circuits for better building management and reduced downtime. All power connections are also designed to provide an IP20-rated finger-proof terminal using a built-in insulated shroud, which also prevents incorrect insertion of the conductor into the cable clamp. Also, super immunisation of RCDs guarantees a high level of service continuity and electrical immunity in even the harshest environments, which may be subject to dust, chemical pollution or humidity, as well as being able to withstand higher levels of impulse voltage.




IP20 termination


Automatic Reclosing Through the use of an automatic reclosing auxiliary (ARA), the Acti 9 system can be fully adapted to suit a remote infrastructure site, making it 100% operational anywhere in the world using the ARA/RCA (Remote Control Auxiliary) operator or integrated Reflex circuit breakers. The ARA automatic reclosing auxiliary can perform automatic reclosing of the associated protection device after tripping, therefore significantly increasing the availability of installations that are isolated or difficult to access and yet demand high levels of availability. Application environments could include mobile telephony systems, pumping stations, airports, railways, meteorological stations, service stations, automatic teller machines or public lighting systems, among many others. Operators can select from predefined reclosing programs that allow both safety and availability of facilities taking into account the application environment. Essentially, it allows the restoration of operation without intervention by personnel in the event of a transient fault due to atmospheric disturbances or industrial overvoltages, for example, potentially negating the need to go on site – a major advantage in industries where the cost implications of even a few minutes of downtime are huge – unless of course the ARA recloser cannot reset the circuit breaker, clearly indicating the potential for a greater problem to be resolved.

Monitoring and Communication

The Acti 9 products can also be directly integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) or PLC to gain full insight into energy usage. Incumbent operators can benefit from real-time data coming from panels and circuits to fine-tune electrical loads to reduce and allocate costs and effectively manage energy.

Unlike traditional options, the system easily connects to any facility management system, even in the most challenging of electrical environments enabling simple, error-free installation, performance and maintenance. Complying with the IEC/EN 61131-2 standard for PLCs, the Acti 9 Smartlink transmits data from Acti 9 devices including MCBs, RCCBs, RCDs, remote- controlled MCBs or power meters to a PLC or a supervisory system via the Modbus serial line communications network. All data is stored in memory, including number of cycles, power consumption and period of operation even in the event of a power failure. Smartlink can also exchange data with any device that has 24V DC digital inputs and outputs. Using flexible and robust Modbus communications and pre-fabricated wiring for instant error-proof connectivity, it could save up to 40 per cent in time spent with control wiring.


ECMS System Example As an example, a typical energy management system used by a shopping centre operator to manage critical loads and measure power usage could be built using Acti 9 technology and products.

The Acti 9 Smartlink enables terminal switchboards to be directly connected to the site monitoring network; circuit breaker auxiliaries such as iOF+SD24 types indicate any tripping or deliberate opening; the RCA module and impulse relays receive the on/off switching orders and indicate their states; the RCA module bistable operation ensures that it does not open if power is lost; and finally energy meters can be incorporated to make their data available via the Modbus network.



Acti 9 system example                                                                                  


All devices are connected to the Modbus network via the Acti 9 Smartlink communication interfaces and fully prefabricated connectors, which means that cabling is quickly installed without risk of error and during maintenance operations and the fine wire links inside the switchboard can be identified immediately. No handling tools are required, due to the use of plug-in connectors. Other benefits include a single RS485 link connecting the switchboards to the PLCs and monitoring system, high reliability of data and indications, including IEC 60947-5-4 compliant low-level signal contacts for the iOF+SD24, and a high level of electromagnetic compatibility of the Acti 9 Smartlink modules. In addition, functionality such as protection-device trip and operating time metering integrated within Acti 9 Smartlink communications makes it possible to plan preventive maintenance.

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A major distributor of products from Schneider Electric, RS Components offers approximately two thousand Acti 9 products globally – with local and regional variations taken into consideration.


In a process that began in 2013, and continuing on to the end of 2014, the existing Multi 9 system products will be migrated to Acti 9, with the possible exception of some products designed for specific applications. Acti 9 product availability and up-to-date pricing information is available via the RS website, in addition to technical hotlines and the availability of its global sales force to provide further support to customers.