Pushbuttons a key product for industry

For many years, machine and panel builders have been using industrial pushbuttons in a factory setting. And as automation manufactures such as Siemens, Schneider Electric and Eaton continue to invest in key ranges like Siemens SIRIUS, Schneider Electric Harmony and Eaton RMQ Titan, these products will continue to provide key solutions for machine and panel builders, installers and maintenance engineers alike.

Increasing application possibilities for Industrial Switches

Wireless technology for automation and control is driven by the need for quicker installation, operational efficiencies, cost and wider application possibilities.  Industrial Switches

With the growth of wireless technology new ranges are being developed by many manufactures ,  including the Schneider Electric Harmony XB5R 22mm Wireless pushbutton. The Harmony XB5R achieves greater productivity by giving operators both freedom and mobility, allowing them to remotely control machines at a distance of up to 25 meters in a factory environment.

 They are well suited to harsh industrial environments, and typical applications include:

  • Conveyor and assembly lines
  • Complex machines
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Automotive production
  • Control and monitoring
  • Packaging and bottling


Quick and simple installation

Traditional installation of hard wired control on conveyor or assembly systems usually means that a great deal of consideration must be given to various features in order to make a functional system. This can prove to be problematic,  particularly as the cable route needs to be planned, mounting points need to be considered, and the wiring time has to be taken into account.  Together with all the accessories needed such as cable, cable tray and ducting, cable glands and tooling, this can prove to be costly.

The Harmony XB5R 22mm pushbuttons remove the need for cabling between the control cabinet and the device.  With no need to pass a cable through to the machine, the need for cable trays, trucking and ducting is eliminated.




 Basis of Operation

The XB5R wireless pushbutton utilises the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. This means that when a user presses the button, the mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy, which is used to send a one-time radio message to the receiver. Numerous pushbuttons can be linked to one receiver or alternatively one pushbutton can be multi linked to numerous receivers, thus providing greater control and increased application possibilities, whilst reducing costs due to increased efficiency.

Wireless technology allows for the pushbutton to be placed exactly where it is needed, making control and operation of conveyor and assembly lines more practical. The Harmony XB5R 22mm pushbutton can also be retro-fitted to existing systems.

Key benefits summary

  • Reduced installation time and costs.
  • Harmony XB5R are an ideal solution for adding or moving an operational control function.
  • Placement exactly where needed.
  • Multiple control of several receivers with one pushbutton.
  • Maintenance free operation.