PR Osisense XUK8

Telemecanique Sensors introduce OsiSense™ XUK8, compact photoelectric sensors with efficient background suppression for AC/DC applications

Telemecanique Sensors today announced the latest addition to his wide portfolio of industrial sensors. Robust and precise, the new OsiSense XUK8 range sensors includes compact AC/DC and DC models that mount instantly and enhance efficiency of every conveying application by remaining insensitive to the background.


Reliable detection unaffected by background

The biggest challenge in industrial remote detection is preventing the sensor from confusing the detected object with the background. In order to minimize this risk and ensure precise detection, the new OsiSense XUK8 detectors from Telemecanique Sensors operate in diffusion mode, suppressing the background and detecting objects regardless of their colour and texture. This capability makes them particularly well-suited for use across various conveying operations, including parcel detection and mail sorting.


Compact for both AC/DC and DC applications

The OsiSense XUK8 sensor range offers solutions to match most industrial conveyor systems. The 24 to 240V AC/DC relay output sensor version features a long sensing range, allowing it to detect objects at up to 0.75m away, with an error margin of less than 5% at 0,4m. Importantly, the AC/DC sensors are as compact in size as the DC version, and are the smallest available on the market (only 50 x 50 x 18mm throughout the range). Thanks to the adjustable time delay (with options for monostable and on-/off-delay), the OsiSense XUK8 sensors can be used on their own, without additional products to support use within an application.


Easy set-up and worldwide safety of use

The OsiSense XUK8 sensors are extremely easy to set-up and adjust to the needs of a given application. A single click on the “teach” button records the distance at which the sensor will detect objects moving along the conveyor. The new units from Telemecanique Sensors use proven solutions based on the efficiency and reliability of other devices in the OsiSense range. Suitable for safe application around the world, the sensors within the new range are rated IP65 and have been granted CE, UL and CSA certifications.

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