Telemecanique announces OsiSense™ XMLP – a new range of compact pressure transmitters for industrial operations

Telemecanique Sensors, announced the new OsiSense™ XMLP compact pressure transmitters. This new line features devices that are compact, resilient, and available globally, which makes them perfectly suited to the needs of machine manufacturers worldwide.  Designed for maximum reliability, the OsiSense™ XMLP address the need for lasting high performance – a key challenge found in the machine manufacturing industry.


No gasket for enhanced reliability and compatibility

The OsiSense XMLP pressure transmitter regulates fluid pressure using thin film technology, where the pressure sensor is welded directly onto its body, eliminating the need to use a gasket. This solution ensures continuous reliability of the installation, preventing the risk of corrosion, clogging of capillaries, or fluid contamination. The absence of a gasket also makes the transmitter compatible with all types of fluid, including refrigerating gas, hydraulic oils, fresh water, sea water, and air.


Vast potential in a compact shape

The pressure transmitter is very compact (30mm in diameter x 50mm long), two times smaller than its standard counterpart. As such, it can be mounted within even the most confined space on every machine. At the same time, the 304 stainless steel case gives the OsiSense XMLP high environment resistance for operation in tough circumstances, which makes it exceptionally well suited to industrial machines.


Optimised for machine manufacturers

OsiSense XMLP was created to meet the requirements of manufacturers who design and build industrial equipment in a wide array of sectors, including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), refrigeration, pneumatics/hydraulics, pumps, compressors, machine tools, construction, and agriculture equipment.


Global availability

The manufacturer of OsiSense XMLP, Telemecanique Sensors is present in more than 100 countries. This means that customers can easily obtain the product or its replacement in virtually any part of the world without unnecessary delay.

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