PR Osisense XXV

Telemecanique Sensors launches OsiSense™ XXV 18mm – new ultrasonic sensors for accurate proximity detection

Telemecanique Sensors has announced the latest addition to the popular OsiSense range of sensors for distance measurement. The new 18mm diameter ultrasonic sensors are powerful and robust, with an unmatched capability to detect materials regardless of colour, shape, composition or operating environment.


Precise detection for maximum safety and efficiency

Using the benefits of the ultrasound technology, the Telemecanique Sensors’s new OsiSense XXV sensors feature an exceptionally accurate sensing mechanism. These self-contained, pulse-echo, ultrasonic sensing devices transmit and receive sonic energy, remaining entirely unaffected by colours, changing light conditions or environmental noise. With a sensing range from 2.0 mm (0.08 in.) to 50.0 mm (1.97 in), they feature virtually no deadband and are free from risk of damage from an undetected protruding metal part in motion.


Robustness for maintained high performance

Encased in an 18mm cylindrical housing, the new OsiSense XXV detectors were designed to work in environments where other sensing technologies are often challenged. Resistant to oil, dust and humidity, they are a fit choice for tough industrial applications, such as metal working assembly, machining tools, food and beverage, and packaging. Their compliance with environment requirements is confirmed by relevant certifications, including RoHS, UL, CE with NEMA 4X, as well as an IP 69K rating.


Versatile features for efficient operation

The standard 18mm diameter flush mountable body of Telemecanique Sensors’s new OsiSense XXV sensors offers a convenient “plug and play” solution that can be quickly fitted into any installation layout. Another important feature is an illuminated LED status indicator, displaying output mode with 4-quadrant visibility and offering an essentially 360° view. This secures process transparency and safety, enabling easy monitoring from a distance.

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