OsiSense XUMT

Telemecanique Sensors announces OsiSense XUMT sensors for efficient detection of transparent objects

The new line of sensors is ideally suited for sorting, assembly, and packaging applications

Telemecanique Sensors has introduced a new product to its OsiSense™ XUM range of miniature industrial sensors. The OsiSense XUMT sensors expand the range capabilities by adding specialist technology for precise detection of transparent materials of any shapes or sizes.


Precise detection of all materials

The OsiSense XUMT is a line of photoelectric sensors operating in a retro-reflective mode, giving them the capability to detect objects of every colours, textures, and shapes, including objects made of transparent glass and plastic, such as bottles or other containers. With water-resistant PBT housing and rating of IP67, they are robust and able to withstand temperatures from -25 to 55°C. Such durability makes them fit for operating in harsh environments, including the demanding food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications.


Easy configuration and set-up

 Five different feature configurations enable customers to choose the model best suited to their application needs, depending on the sensing range (up to 1 or 2 m depending on the type of reflector), cable, connector type (M8 and remote M12), their choice of PNP/NPN and NO/NC. The installation of the OsiSense XUMT sensors on machines is simple with their compact shape, and the accuracy of the infrared beam can be easily adjusted on the spot using a potentiometer.


Range reliability

This new line is part of the Telemecanique Sensors OsiSense XUM complete range of sensors offering robustness, high-performance detection, optimum adaptation, and simple installation in conveying and packaging applications. Requiring only half the power used by a conventional detector, the OsiSense XUM sensors visibly reduce the energy consumption level of the installation, bringing in cost savings and increasing its environmental friendliness.


For more information on the Telemecanique Sensors OsiSense XUM sensor range and the new OsiSense XUMT line, please visit: au.rs-online.com/web/c/automation-control-gear/sensors-transducers/photoelectric-sensors/?searchTerm=XUMT


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