PR Osisense XS

Telemecanique Sensors enhances its range of metal, cylindrical, inductive proximity sensors OsiSense XS

This range of inductive proximity sensors is complete, with the short and long case products, in standard diameters 6.5 mm to 30 mm.


Telemecanique Sensors offers its customers both Off and On-line assistance tools for selection of the appropriate product. From only a few characteristics, these tools enable simple selection and quick ordering of the sensor suited to your machine.

50% less time for sensor selection.


Long detection distances

Inductive proximity sensors OsiSense XS have long detection distances (1.5 to 15 mm, depending on the diameter) for both the short versions, for easier integration in machines, and the standardised long versions. Pre-cabled or standard type connector versions are available for all of these sensors.


Worldwide availability

Available for 2 or 3-wire DC or AC/DC supply and with PNP or NPN, NO or NC outputs, these sensors cover all general usage applications found in industry. The Telemecanique Sensors distribution network, operating in more than 100 countries, provides worldwide availability and the sensors conform to the main international standards (CE, UL, CSA, CCC, Ctick).


OsiSense XS

Sensors flush mountable in metal

Standard or increased sensing distance throughout the range

Output LED on rear of sensor

Short case version diameters 6.5, 8, 12, 18 and 30 mm

2-wire or 3-wire 24V DC supply

PNP or NPN, NO or NC outputs

Long case version diameters 8, 12, 18 and 30 mm

2-wire or 3-wire 24V DC and 2-wire 24 to 240V AC/DC supply

PNP or NPN, NO or NC outputs


About Telemecanique Sensors

Telemecanique Sensors has a 9 decades history manufacturing factory automation and safety sensors. Telemecanique Sensors wide range of products is most reliable and robust hence second to none in the market. Our aim is to simplify the life of our customers, allowing them to concentrate on their core added value and machine performance. This is why Telemecanique Sensors design and manufacture their products based on the following values: Simplicity and modularity, Easy to choose and select, Easy to install and maintain. A dedicated team of trained and experienced professionals is available to help you with any sensing application. Telemecanique Sensors team is available for pre and post sales support. We are ready to become an extension of your team and to share our expertise with you.