3D Printing

On 26th June 2014, RS Components hosted an event in London to showcase the new and exciting 3D printing technologies that form part of the RS range.  The audience, which was made up of 30 journalists and technology  bloggers, listened to presentations from Adrian Bowyer, inventor of the RepRapPro, talking about his concept for the self-replicating printer and Iain Major, from 3D Systems, talking about how the 3D printing technology is working with education.

The experts were on hand to answer questions and to demonstrate the different capabilities of each model, including a chance to have a 3D scan, which could go on to print out an intricately detailed miniature replication – as samples showed.

This event is a way for RS to act as a conduit to bring innovative and exciting technological developments to both media and customers, helping to drive awareness of the many opportunities they can deliver both now and in the future.

3D Printers

RepRapPro Ormerod    



CubePro Trio Cube X Trio 3rd Gen Cube
CubePro Duo Cube X Duo 2nd Gen Cube
CubePro Cube X  


Sense 3D Scanner