Toll Parcel Tracking

RS now offer you the ability to track your orders online by using the Track & Trace function shown below:


1. Assign a unique PO number for your RS order, i.e. RS-today's date-your name - RS070408Gareth

(The reason we ask you to assign a unique PO number is because if you just use a general one like today’s date only it is possible that other people have used the same PO number and it will be harder to find which one relates to your order)

2. Click on this link RS Track & Trace and you will see the screen shown below

Click on the link highlighted below:


You will then be presented with this page in which you will enter your PO in the blank box and hit submit:


On the following page you should be able to find your order and dispatch status


For further information on status you can place your mouse over the order which will then be highlighted in yellow. Clicking on this will then bring you through to the next page.

You can ignore the Client Access login as this is not required to track your order
This service is not available for Sydney metro express orders
For proof of delivery please call 1300 656 636