RMIT welcome RS Components as Racing Partners

Our mission is to promote the viability and exciting future of electric cars through not only showing we can compete with combustion powered cars, but by besting them.

RS Components are proud to announce their support of the RMIT Electric racing team in the legendary Formula SAE competition this year.

Originally started by the Society of Automotive Engineers student branch at the University of Texas, Austin, in 1980, the Formula SAE competition now sees over 500 teams from universities worldwide, design, build and compete in their own Formula-style open-wheeled race car. The vehicles are judged on dynamics, design justifications, costing strategies and business presentation and apply rigorous STEM concepts to the build and design process.

The Competition

Formula SAE (FSAE) or Formula Student (FS) is a challenge for universities across the world, to design, build and race an open-wheeled racing car each year. These vehicles are judged on dynamics, design justifications, costing strategies and business presentation & skills.

With over 500 teams worldwide and 17 difference races, the boundaries of innovation, technology and engineering are redefined constantly.

The competition is an invaluable learning experience and professional environment for students to gain hands-on experience in business, marketing, management, design, human resources, IT and engineering

Introducing the Team 

Today the team counts over 50 passionate students across a dozen faculties who demonstrate innovative thinking, initiative and commitment to the real-life commercial project. And it's little wonder the Formula SAE graduates are often headhunted for their unique combination of technical skills, strong communication abilities and project management skills.

Core Values:

Community: To promote a welcoming environment where support, transparency and respect are at the forefront. We aim to create a community that can admit to challenges and also enjoy ourselves along the way.

Innovation: By sharing our knowledge and skills between all team members, we promote the continuous evolution and support of collaborated ideas, problem solving, and technical advancement.

Empowerment: To generate stronger, dependable and more confident graduates by providing a higher level of support in autonomy, trust and achievement.


Engineering and science is what drives us from history into the future, and it’s really exciting to be part of that driving force.


Reinforcing our drive to support future engineers, RS are proud sponsors of the RMIT Electric Racing Team and are continually supporting their engineering efforts

“It is thanks to our sponsors like RS Components’ investment and support that we are able to advance the research and development of the team, develop cutting-edge vehicles, and produce high-quality graduates from year to year. Our partnership with RS demonstrates their active participation in the community and engagement with the next generation workforce allowing students to develop skills they may otherwise not learn at a university level.”


We are proud to support the next generation of innovators with the quality products RS Components has to offer. The team and I at RS wish these bright minds the best of luck in this year’s race.