Hex Keys & Sets

Hex keys are handheld tools used to tighten or loosen fasteners & fixings with a hexagonal configuration. They are commonly known as Allen keys or Allen wrenches and are available in many shapes, sizes and designs. Typically made from Steel, Nickel, Aluminium Bronze and Beryllium Copper.

Hex Keys Types


The 'L' shape has the same sized head on each end and allows the user to use the tool in either orientation, the shorter section into the bolt allows for more leverage whereas the longer section allows for access to more confined spaces.


The 'T-Handle shape hex key offers more comfortable ergonomic handle that can help generate torque for stubborn fasteners. Some T-Handle designs have a second hex key formed in the head but most are single hex head ended.


Straight form bits are to be used with drills or screwdriver style handles, allowing for a conventional screwdriver style tool but with the functionality of a hex key.

Hex Key Set

Hex key set is more than one piece for either of the hex key types. They are available in metric or imperial measurement (mm or inches).

Special features

Some hex keys offer special like;

Ball ends: To reduce rounding the screw head

Long arm: for increased leverage and torque

Short arm: for small fasteners with low torque

T-Handles: for a more comfortable grip and a choice of handle materials to suit your application

Folding Hex Key: These compact sets are easy to store and carry in a pocket

Which application would you use them?

Hex Keys & Bit Sets are used by Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanics and Electronic Engineers.

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