Power Meters

A power meter is a highly accurate and precise power measurement device used to measure single to three-phase lines. Power Meters are available in a range of sizes and measurement capabilities to accommodate a wide range of applications. Power meters can be powered by either a battery or mains plug, depending on the type of measurement you require and the environment.

Power meters feature a number of display options, including digital, analog, LCD and more, each providing clear and precise readings in real-time with varying depths of detail.

Power meters are a highly versatile power measurement device that allows you to measure a wide range of electrical parameters with a high level of accuracy including; voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, crest factor, and total harmonic distortion.

As well as power meters and digital power meters we offer a range of power clamp meters that feature similar qualities. They often serve as the first line of defence for spot-checking and verifying system conditions before deploying more specialised tools.

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Description Price Absolute Maximum Power Measurement Weight Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement Best DC Voltage Accuracy Best AC Voltage Accuracy Best AC Current Accuracy Best DC Current Accuracy Maximum Power Factor Measurement Minimum Power Factor Measurement Battery Type Dimensions Height
RS Stock No. 124-1959
600kW 435 (with Battery)g 600A ac 1mA dc 1000V dc ±0.7 % + 2 Digits ±1 % + 5 Digits ±1.5 % + 5 Digits ±1.7 % + 2 Digits +1 -1 9 V Alkaline (IEC 6LF22), 9 V Alkaline (NEDA 1604A) 87.5 x 50.5 x 242mm 242mm
RS Stock No. 437-6159
Mfr. Part No.GTM3033000R0001
25kW 800g 25A ac 25A dc 500V dc - - - - 1 0 9V 110 x 181 x 62mm 62mm
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