Portable Appliance Testers & Accessories

Just as electronic component testing is a crucial step in verifying circuits during prototype/build phases, reliable appliance tests are vitally important for confirming the proper and safe function of electrical devices once they’re up and running. In fact, responsibility for appliance testing forms a key part of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, with employers (including the self-employed) required to carry out all ’reasonably practical’ measures to protect people from harm while using electrical devices.

Our range of PAT (portable appliance testing) modules, portable appliance tester kits and accessories, and PAT software comes from such trusted brands as Martindale, Fluke, Seaward, Megger, and Gossen Metrawatt. With these PAT devices and add-ons, you’ll be ideally positioned to detect and diagnose electrical safety issues across a wide range of working environments.

What factors should you consider when choosing PAT testers and accessories?

  • On-board portable appliance tester features can vary from tester to tester.

    • Options range from basic models that simply return a pass or fail output reading for the electrical device being tested, to more advanced versions offering functions like onboard memory, barcode readers, label-printing capabilities and various connectivity methods

  • PAT device testing capabilities differ between devices, brands and portable appliance tester models.

    • Some PAT machines will be configured as simple Pass/Fail PAT devices, while others might be designated as Advanced PAT systems, Computerised PAT or Medical Safety Testers, among a range of other specialisations

  • PAT tester specifications and setup will also vary from product to product. Important distinctions to look out for include:

    • Calibration type (commonly RSCAL or UKAS)

    • Testing method (Class I, Class II, Class IT, Electrical, Medical, Welding, etc)

    • Power source (mains or battery), battery type (i.e. AA, AAA, NiMH, rechargeable), and battery life

    • Physical weight and dimensions

    • Min/max operating temperatures

    • Min/max supply voltages

    • Flash test capabilities

    • Download functions for PAT software, device firmware and test data

  • Compatible accessories and portable appliance tester software packages

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