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    Mortice Locks

    A mortice lock is a door lock fitted for security. Mortice locks are fitted inside the door and require a hole or pocket to be cut into the door for it to be fitted. The main body of the lock sits within this pocket. The term "mortice" refers to the hole or recess which is cut into the door. Mortice lock are commonly found in internal doors within the home.

    Mortice locks have several lever variations: a 2, 3, 5, or 7 lever mechanism. The higher the number of “levers” the more difficult the lock is to “pick” and the more secure it will be. The deadlocks on a mortice lock also mean that if a burglar breaks in through one of your windows they can not escape through the door without a key.

    Mortice locks are made from metal and come in different finishes, for example, polished brass, satin chrome and stainless steel.

    Types of mortice lock:

    There are 2 main types of mortice locks Sashlocks and Deadlocks.

    • SashLocks feature a lock, latch and handle so you can open and close the door without it locking behind you. It features a deadbolt which locks the door with a key. The latch is a spring-loaded piece of metal which keeps the door closed when it is not locked. These locks tend to be installed on back doors.
    • Deadlocks are mainly used on entrance doors to buildings. they are fitted inside the door and work with a key turning the locking mechanism and moving the bolt. Without the key the door cannot be opened, providing extra security.

    What is a differ?

    A differ is a combination for the lock. For example, 1000 differs has 1000 combinations.

    How do you identify if a 5 lever mortice lock conforms to BS3624?

    • Kitemark Engraved
    • Number of levers engraved
    • Standard number engraved
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