CCTV Lens Accessories

CCTV lens accessories are complementary components that let you get the best output from your CCTV lens.

What do CCTV lens accessories do?

CCTV lens accessories are a wide selection of items for various uses. Lens hoods, for example, can be used to protect the front part of your lens from dirt and scratches. They can also prevent extra light coming from external sources that can produce flares and glare. A lens cover, on the other hand, protects the CCTV lens from minor collisions and scratches. You can use a lens cover to protect your CCTV lens whenever there’s a high risk of damage to the lens such as during renovations and construction work. An adapter ring lets you attach a different or specific type of lens to your camera.

Examples of CCTV lens accessories

Some of the most common CCTV lens accessories include:

  • lens caps
  • lens adapters
  • lens hoods
  • lens filters
  • lens supports
  • lens bands and bumpers
  • lens bellows and focus rails
  • lens covers

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