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    Hydraulic Spreaders

    Hydraulic spreaders are hydraulic tools that have been designed to work with a small access gap or when working at height. With an impressive spreading force of 10000 psi at your fingertips, the system is simple to operate and reduces physical demand to a minimum.

    How do hydraulic spreaders work?

    The two arms of the spreader are separated or spread using hydraulic power. When they come together they form a narrow tip, which is ideal for working in a confined or narrow gap such as between vehicle panels. Due to the interlock wedge design, all work can be carried out safely and without damage or failure of the hydraulic system.


    Hydraulic spreaders are most commonly used in rescue operations to separate doors of cars involved in a collision, they can also be used in heavy equipment maintenance, metal seal replacements and numerous other applications. Some spreaders alone, have the capacity of spreading more than 7 tons using hydraulic power.

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