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Push Fit Fittings

Push fit fittings are very common in the market today because they are easy to install with simple push in connections and are ready to use immediately. They work by pushing the pipe into the fitting and the metal spurs inside the fittings tightly grip the pipes. The O rings inside the fittings creates a safe, secure and watertight seal. When fitted correctly the joint will last a long time.

These push fit fittings can be used on both copper and plastic pipes. When using a plastic pipe it requires a small metal sleeve/insert to be pushed into the pipe which prevents the pipe from collapsing. When using copper pipe the insert is not needed.

Suitable for plumbing of hot and cold water services and central heating systems. Also plastic push fit fittings are less expensive than copper fittings.

Push fit fittings types can include:

Elbow tap connector

Straight coupler

Socket Reducer

Collet cover which prevents tampering or accidental removal

Advantages of Push fit fittings:

Fast connection – easier than other plumbing fittings, reduces installation time

No specialist plumbing tools needed – for example you do not have to solder or glue the fittings

Pipes do not need to be completely dry

Easily disconnected

How are the fittings assembled?

·Main valve body

·Rubber sealing washer for a watertight seal

·Washer jumper that holds the rubber washer in place

·Pipe clamp that holds the pipe in place – has metal teeth that grip the pipe one way so you can push it on the pipe but not pull it off.

·End nut that holds all of this together in one piece

Rubber washer goes in first, then washer jumper, pipe clamp and finally the end nut.

Hints and tips:

·Do not put your finger in the clamp as there are steel grit rings on the inside which will harm you

·Do not cut the pipe with a hacksaw and make sure the pipe isn't damaged

·It is advised not to mix up the fittings, only use the correct fittings for that pipe. You can use copper pipe with push fit fittings make sure there are no burrs after cutting as this could cause leakage and problems later on.

·Some manufacturers use silicon grease on the inside of the fittings

·Need to be in open position before inserting the pipe


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