Work Hats

Work headwear is a key part of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) as adequate head protection can reduce the risk of any head injury that may occur in the workspace. Headwear PPE is compulsory within working industries where there can be a risk of falling objects or reduced headspaces, particularly in the construction, industrial and engineering fields, to name a few.

Wearing a hard hat or helmet is not always necessary in other environments, but wearing a hat can still have many benefits, with most at least reducing the impact from any possible accidents. Headwear can provide protection whilst being comfortable, lightweight and stylish for all-day use, and can be worn in combination with higher level PPE pieces to maintain comfort alongside safety. It is important when working in hazardous environments that your head is protected, which is why we have a wide range of bump caps, balaclavas, beanies and other hats available. We have curated our range to include products from leading brands such as Dickies, Scruffs, Petzl and our own RS PRO.

Work Caps

Whilst work caps are not designed to protect against any falling objects, they can help to minimise the injury from any collision by providing an additional layer to absorb impact. Their main purpose will be to protect and improve the vision of the wearer, blocking out sunlight and hindering other weather conditions, such as rain or snow, from disrupting the wearer's vision. Caps are suitable for use throughout the day without being in the way and are usually available in a range of generic sizes (small, medium & large) or in one size with an adjustable strap for easy, comfortable fitting.

Work Hats

Hats aren't designed to act as fully functioning head protection like hard hats and helmets, however they can protect from an array of weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow and cold temperatures. Whether you use a beanie hat, a peaked beanie or a balaclava, they should be able to prevent any heat loss and should not prevent any required PPE headwear from being worn. This type of headwear is essential for any workers that work outside or in environments where temperatures can be low, including loading bays, refrigerated factory areas and other similar environments.

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