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    Fall Arrest Lanyards

    When working at height Fall Arrest Lanyards are an important part of PPE. A lanyard will be an anchor and your fall arrest equipment to your work area and if you accidentally fall, a fall arrest lanyard reduces your fall absorbing the force created by the fall ensuring your safety. Always ensure you read manufacturer instructions supplied with fall arrest equipment and harnesses used, suppliers like Petzl and Protecta provide complete information.

    Types of Fall Arrest Lanyard Available?

    There are 3 main types of fall arrest lanyards available. Always ensure, no matter which type of lanyard you use, that you have checked the length of the lanyard against the length of the fall distance. It is also important to choose the correct method of connecting the lanyard to an anchor point.

    • Shock Absorbing lanyards are used with a safety harness providing you with complete fall arrest safety. The lanyard has a woven webbing centre, expanding if you fall and reducing the force that will impact your body.
    • Retractable lanyards will normally be attached to a D-ring linked to your safety harness. The lanyard will allow you to play out a lifeline as required and then allow you to retract the lanyard working in the same as a seat belt absorbing impact.
    • Work Positioning Lanyards should be used along with fall arrest equipment and fall arrest harnesses. The lanyard will hold you in a fixed position, ensuring that you do not fall. Various lengths are available and made of different rope types, including kernmantle ropes, plus, may include carabiners and anchorage points.
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