Junction Boxes

What are junction boxes used for?

Junction boxes primary purpose is to connect and protect wiring that carry electrical current ensuring safe connections and security from the elements and unqualified engineers. Junction boxes are available in a variety of sizes, material types and colours. They are found in Industrial and commercial applications.

How do junction boxes work?

A junction box upon inspection offers points of entry for lighting and electrical cable, so it’s very important to have the correct junction box for the application. These points of entry consist of a knockout, integrated thread or self-sealing membranes.

Internally there are mounting points for screws in each corner, use the correct masonry plugs, anchors and fixings for the surface you are mounting to. Once the junction box has been mounted and all cables prepared, wire connections can be made using the correct cable terminals and splices. A sealed box lid or box cover then provides security for all the internal components.

What materials are they made from?

Junction boxes are made from various materials such as; ABS, Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Duro-plastic, Galvanised Steel, Glass Fibre Reinforced PET, GRP, Mild Steel, Nickel-Plated Steel, Plastic, Polyamide, Polybutylene Terephthalate, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PVC, Stainless Steel, Steel and Thermoplastic.

Where would you find junction boxes?

  • Lighting installation
  • Housing and wiring connections

Types of Junction boxes

Typical types of junction boxes include;

  • One-gang
  • Two-gang
  • Metal pancake
  • Four-square

What IP ratings are available?

IP ratings such as; IP20, IP2X, IP40, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 are available

(IP) Ingress Protection and what it means

IP rating classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures.

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Description Price Length Width Height Material Dimensions L x W x H IP Rating Number of Terminals Number of Ways Colour Hazardous Area Certification Cable Entry Current Rating Diameter Series
RS Stock No. 388-0691
Mfr. Part No.38110000
125mm - 57mm Polyamide 125 x 80 x 57mm IP65 - - Grey Silver - - - - -
RS Stock No. 183-2829
Mfr. Part No.KF1600H
155mm 92mm 210mm Polycarbonate 155 x 92 x 210mm IP66, IP67 - 2 Grey - M32, M40 - - -
RS Stock No. 183-2832
Mfr. Part No.KF5000H
255mm 122mm 355mm Polycarbonate 255 x 122 x 355mm IP66, IP67 - 2 Grey - M32, M63 - - -
RS Stock No. 398-8313
Mfr. Part No.0 920 02
- - 45mm - - IP55 - 4 Grey - - - 70mm -
RS Stock No. 187-6389
Mfr. Part No.81190701
94mm 94mm 56mm Polystyrene 94 x 94 x 56mm - - - Grey - - - - -
RS Stock No. 168-070
Mfr. Part No.KL1510510
- - - - - IP66 - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 748-4767
Mfr. Part No.AU1380999
430mm 390mm 210mm Mild Steel 430 x 390 x 210mm - - 12 Grey - - - - -
RS Stock No. 108-022
Mfr. Part No.KL1533510
500mm 200mm 120mm Steel 500 x 200 x 120mm IP55 - - Grey - - - - -
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