Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti-vibration mounts (a.k.a. AV mounts) act as a low cost vibration dampener, noise reducer or shock absorber in many machine applications. Anti-vibration mounts have male and female threads and are often made from stainless steel and natural rubber. The range of anti-vibration mounts include:

Cylindrical mounts, also known as bobbins are used in compression or shear applications. They include waisted bobbins which have low shear stiffness properties and various thread configurations and hexagon bobbins which are designed so that mountings can be held with a spanner to avoid twisting the rubber during installation. They are commonly found in diesel engines, generator sets, control panels and industrial machinery.

Buffers and rubber bumpers include, flat buffers used in compression and have various mounting configurations, and conical buffers which give high levels of deformation under impact/load and provide progressive stiffness to absorb energy which protects equipment. Applications include agriculture, suspension and general industrial machinery.

Failsafe anti-vibration mounts like captive transit are designed with an integral overload stop to control movement of equipment during transit. They are universal, cost effective, high performing and easy to install. Used in shear compression with 95% vibration reduction. Cab and cone are robust with high horizontal stiffness and excellent vibration isolation properties. They can be supplied with bump and rebound washers for failsafe mounting and low profile installation. Applications include engines and construction.

Silent marine anti-vibration mounts were designed for use with marine propulsion engines and can accommodate thrust. They are high performing, easy to install and cost effective. Applications include marine propulsion engines, generating sets, diesel engines, vehicles, pumps and compressors.

Standard rubber anti-vibration mounts are low cost and include turret, flanged circular and sandwich. Turret were designed for static applications in the HVAC industry. The bonded rubber encapsulates the metal parts to avoid corrosion.

Levelling feet allow machinery to be levelled while vibration and noise are reduced. Applications include machine tools, lathes, presses, heavy industrial equipment, conveyors, food processing and pharmaceutical.

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Description Price Type Thread Size Diameter Trade Name Foot Height Overall Height Foot Shape Static Load Capacity Material Shore Hardness Metalwork Compression Load Compression Deflection Minimum Operating Temperature
RS Stock No. 179-4809
Mfr. Part No.SJ5300
Each (In a Pack of 42)
- - - Bumpon™ - - Cylindrical (Concave Top) - - - - - - -34°C
RS Stock No. 367-8757
Mfr. Part No.533708
Female Buffer Foot M8 50mm - - 40mm Cylindrical 100daN - - - - 12mm -20°C
RS Stock No. 367-8729
Mfr. Part No.533711
Female Buffer Foot M10 70mm - - 40mm Cylindrical 200daN - - - - 12mm -20°C
RS Stock No. 434-2083
Mfr. Part No.53060360
Female Buffer Foot M12 69mm - - 41mm Diamond 60daN Natural Rubber - Steel - 3mm -
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