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    Fibre Optic Cleaners

    Fibre optic cleaners are solutions and precision tools designed specifically to keep fibre connections clean. They allow you to effectively remove oil and dust contaminants that can negatively affect optical performance.

    Cleaning fluids can safely rid connectors of contaminants from end-faces and optical fibre before field ending or fusion splicing (joining two fibre optic cables together).

    Types of Fibre Optic Cleaners

    Fibre optic cleaning products come in a wide range of options including wipes, swabs, liquids, pens, tapes, sticks, buds, pads and tissues.

    How does fibre optic cleaning work?

    Push-type fibre optic cleaners, for example, feature a simple one push action which allows you to quickly and clean the end-face of fibre optic connectors.

    Reel-type cleaners have refillable cleaning tapes so you can clean a variety of connectors with no alcohol.

    Wipes and cleaning cards can be used dry, or with cleaning fluid, to remove common contaminants from optical cables and optical jumpers (a section of the fibre optic cable that has the same connector on both ends).

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