PCB Shears

PCB shears are powerful cutting tools which have the ability to accurately cut printed circuit board laminates and plastics. They are available in a range of dimensions to suit different applications.

How do PCB shears work?

PCB shears have a strong steel blade controlled by a lever, providing guaranteed cut quality with minimal effort. For positional accuracy, the cutting bed is fitted with a ruler, which is recessed to assist in securing the PCB or sheeting whilst cutting is in progress. A cutting bed sits below the blade providing a base for accurate work with both imperial and metric edge scales and a fully adjustable front stop for use during batch work.

Why use PCB shears?

The main benefits of PCB shears are their accuracy and safety features. On both sides of the blade, heavy perspex is attached as a safety shield to prevent contact with the cutting area. A safety latch is also fitted to the pivot to prevent operation without it first being released.

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Description Price Type Cut Length Feedbed Size Maximum Thickness Cut - Laminates Maximum Thickness Cut - Aluminium Dimensions Depth Height Width
RS Stock No. 472-7103
Mfr. Part No.700-500
Tabletop 305mm 440 x 245mm 2mm 1.5mm 570 x 290 x 180mm 290mm 180mm 570mm
RS Stock No. 193-2024
Mfr. Part No.GU-0457-01
Shear Guillotine 457mm 543 x 305mm 2mm 1.6mm 660 x 440 x 350mm 440mm 350mm 660mm
RS Stock No. 215-7002
Mfr. Part No.GU-0200-01
Bench-mounted 203mm 335 ´ 140mm 3.175mm 1.5mm 110x203x575mm - - -
RS Stock No. 179-0707
Mfr. Part No.700-800
Tabletop 457mm 360 x 570mm 2mm 1.5mm - - 700 (Handle)mm -
RS Stock No. 189-2276
Mfr. Part No.PC-310
Tabletop 350mm 445 x 200mm - 1.0mm 445 x 200mm 200mm - 445mm