Gate Latches

A gate latch is used to secure a closed gate when it is not in use and can be easily reopened. There are some things to consider when selecting a gate latch, including:

  • Type
  • Swing direction
  • Material
  • Gate thickness and gate material
  • Locking requirements
  • Maintenance

Types of Gate Latches
Gate latches are manufactured in range of styles and materials to suit the environment they are to be used in and the type of gate they are used with. The material is important as it can influence where the latch is installed and the appearance.

Automatic Gate Latch
An automatic latch works by the pin pushing up the cam in the latch that then falls in front of the pin and secures the gate. The tab of the latch has to be pressed inward to open the gate. These are popular it is essential for gates to be locked.

Ring Latch
A ring latch can be used from both sides of the gate and can be either gravity-assisted or spring loaded. They can be installed on both in-swinging and out-swinging gates. Once installed they work by turning the ring handle upwards and securing the spindle behind the catch plate.

Suffolk Latch
These feature a latch lever on the inside and a trigger arm that you press from the outside of the gate that raises the lever and opens the gate. Upon closing the gate, the latch rises up and drop into the catch plate.

Hook and Staple
These are simple latches and work by placing the hook on the gate into the staple to secure it.

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