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    Faceplates & Mounting Plates

    Faceplates and mounting plates, also known as wall plates, are covers or bezels which sit over an electrical switch, socket or other electrical device. They improve the appearance of the switch/socket by concealing the wiring behind them.

    Faceplates are made from metal or plastic and usually screw or snap into place. Mounting plates provide additional help with mounting the switch or socket.

    You will find faceplates in almost every environment. They appear around light switches and sockets in the home and at work. You can learn more in our complete guide to faceplates.

    What are "Number of Gangs"?

    • Single gang faceplates features one opening for a switch.

    • Double gang faceplates have two openings.

    • There are faceplates available with multiple numbers of gangs, so there is something to suit almost every application.

    • Blank Plates do not have any gangs. They are usually used for electrical outlets which are no longer in use or do not require constant access.

    What finishes are there?

    • White plastic

    • Brushed steel

    • Aluminium

    • Chrome

    • Other coloured plastic

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