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    UV LEDs

    UV LEDs stands for Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes. These LEDs emit light in the UV spectrum which is usually less than 400nm. UV light is visible to the human eye and usually appears a bluey purple. They are available in a range of different packages, including surface mounted or through-hole.

    Viewing angle represents the angle at which the light is emitted. Both narrow and wide beam angles are available to suit different applications. There are also different types of UV light available.

    What types of UV are there?

    • UVA (320-400nm) is similar to natural sunlight in our atmosphere.

    • UVB (290-320nm) is popular for medical purposes.

    • UVC (200-290nm) is the least common of the three. It is ideal for sterilisation and disinfection applications.

    What are UV LEDs used for?

    • Industrial curing

    • Cosmetic curing

    • Forensics

    • Security

    • Sterilisation

    • Plant growth

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