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    Terminal Block Accessories

    Terminal block accessories are components used to install, repair or enhance the function of terminal blocks. These are a type of electrical connector where the wires are clamped to the metal by a screw.

    What are terminal block accessories used for?

    Terminal block accessories come in an array of options with varying functions. Terminal end brackets, for example, provide a secure mechanical stop on the DIN rail. End covers are typically placed at the end of an assembly to enclose the open side of the terminal block. Both end brackets and end covers are custom designed to work with specific terminal blocks.

    Wire ferrules encase the strands of flexible conductors, making them easier to introduce into terminals. They're typically made of a copper tube with a moulded isolating collar at the end. You can use a crimp tool die to crimp the copper tube for better contact between the wire strands and the contact point.

    Types of terminal block accessories

    There are numerous terminal block accessories including:

    • End brackets
    • End stops
    • Flange covers
    • Insertion bridges
    • Marker labels
    • Zack strips
    • Terminal block markers
    • Terminal screwdrivers
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