Telecom Connectors

Telecom connectors can be found at the end of telecom cables, used to transmit data and provide telephony services. The telecom connectors that you see in most homes and offices are Registered Jack (RJ) connectors. With the growth of fibre-optic technology, fibre-optic connectors are also an option.

Registered Jack telecom connectors

Most telecom connectors are standardised so that it is easy to find connectors that work with any telephony system. The most common type of connector is the Registered Jack, which has a rectangular end that clips into place when inserted into the socket.

There are, however, a few variations within RJ telecom connectors. The RJ11 connectors are the most common type used for home phones, RJ12 connectors are typically used in system phones, and RJ14 connections are used in systems with two telephone lines.

Fibre-optic telecom connectors

Fibre optic telecom cables are a new entry in the world of telecoms, used by many telephone carriers because of their increased bandwidth. Standard RJ connectors will not work with these cables, and you can use specialist fibre-optic connectors instead.

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Description Price Connector Type Gender Number of Ways Mounting Type Termination Method Contact Plating Contact Material Housing Material Wire Size Colour Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Series Series Number
RS Stock No. 218-8950
Mfr. Part No.ROUGE UR2 84437
1 Box of 100
- Female 3 Cable Mount Crimp - - PP 26 → 19 Red - - Scotchlok -
RS Stock No. 813-5845
Mfr. Part No.6504200200
Telephone/Telecom - 18 Cable Mount IDC Silver Brass PBT 26-20 or 28-20 AWG White +80°C -20°C LSA-PLUS 6504 2 002-00
RS Stock No. 162-1698
Mfr. Part No.6504200200
Each (In a Bag of 10)
Telephone/Telecom - 18 Cable Mount IDC Silver Brass PBT 26-20 or 28-20 AWG White +80°C -20°C LSA-PLUS 6504 2 002-00
RS Stock No. 196-693
Mfr. Part No.44828-1162
Telephone/Telecom Female 16 Surface Mount Solder Gold Copper Alloy Thermoplastic - Black +85°C -40°C HandyLink 44995
RS Stock No. 878-7386
Mfr. Part No.J80060A0000
- - 8 Cable Mount, IDC Screw Tin Phosphor Bronze PA 27 → 22 AWG, 5.5 → 9 mm Black +70°C -40°C DataVoice VM-Pro -
RS Stock No. 196-665
Mfr. Part No.45560-0160
Cellular Phone Connector Male 16 Surface Mount Solder Gold over Palladium Nickel over Nickel Phosphor Bronze Liquid Crystal Polymer - Black +85°C -40°C HandyLink 45560