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    Mains Plugs

    Mains plug and sockets are an essential part of connecting electrical equipment to a different power source in different countries. Both plugs and sockets are suitable for most types of homes, offices, commercial buildings used around the world. RS ensure there is a comprehensive range to suit your requirement. There is a vast range of plug and sockets, with some (Type G - UK) having three pins for live, neutral and earth, whereas plugs and sockets with two pins (Type E - French) with an earth pin centred within the plug case. You can learn more in our complete guide to mains sockets and plugs.

    Why do you need a mains plug or socket?

    Changing the plug or socket is a common action in most industries if changes of circumstances occur or if they've been in constant use without any maintenance and have become damaged. Not addressing any damage can result in power failures, electrical fire and expensive remedial work.

    Countries covered

    The extensive range of plugs and sockets are capable of use in a number of countries, these include:

    • Australia
    • China
    • Europe
    • Japan
    • Switzerland
    • USA

    Types of mains plugs and sockets

    • Type D /M (BS 546/ Old Britsh) - Three rounded pins arranged in a triangle, with 2A/5A (Type D) and 15A (Type M)
    • Type G (BS 1363/ British) - Three-pin plug or socket
    • Type F (Schuko) - Dual pin plug or socket
    • Type E (French) - Dual pin plug or socket similar to Type F however, socket has an earthing pin permanently mounted in the socket
    • Type C (Europlug) - Dual pin plug and socket similar to both Type E and Type F, but the plug is flat and can fit into a number of sockets in Europe
    • Type A/I (Chinese) - Three-pin plug or socket similar to Type G, however, the pins are flat with some sockets accepting Type C plugs
    • Type K (Danish) - Either dual pins or three rounded pins, for unearthed and earthed connections.
    • NEMA - Used in the USA, Canada and Mexico with more than 35 different straight blade configurations based on current ratings
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