Connector Spacers

Connector spacers are rings or tubes that are added to a rinted circuit board (PCB) to separate components from the board. They are used to protect the board from heat generated by the components, as insulation or to prevent short circuiting. They can be soldered on or come in push-on or snap-in designs.

Types of connector spacers

The type of connector spacer you choose will depend on the type of PCB you are using, the materials the PCB and the relevant component is made from, and other considerations like space limitations.

Plastic spacers are cost-effective, non-corrosive and lightweight, and because they do not conduct electricity, they can be used to prevent short circuits. Metal spacers are more durable and resistant to heat, and can be used in applications where electrical conductivity is needed.

Applications for connector spacers

As connector spacers are used to protect circuit boards, they can of course be found in many types of consumer and commercial electronics applications, including in computers.

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RS Stock No. 402-175
1 Box of 100
TO5 Transistor Transistor Pad PET
RS Stock No. 713-3687
Each (In a Pack of 100)
T092 transistor Transistor Pad PET
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