Audio & Video Patch Panels

Audio patch panels are mounted hardware assemblies that contain ports to connect and manage input and output capabilities in complex audio video systems. They are typically rack mounted devices with many ports to quickly connect cables. If you’re looking for patch panels used in networking, consider RJ Patch panels and fibre optic patch panels.

Applications of audio patch panels

Audio patch panels are frequently used in commercial and audio setups, and in industries that require extensive audio applications. You will find them in stage and theatre productions, connecting audio and visual elements in performances. They can extend the life of your gear by reducing the amount of plugging and unplugging required between hardware devices. 

Some panels accommodate only a few jacks and can be used for small applications such as a home theatre. On the other hand, a professional video or audio studio will require audio patch panels that hold many jacks.

Types of audio patch panels

There are two main types of audio patch panels: traditional (unloaded) and preloaded. Traditional patch panels typically have empty holes that allow you to install connectors. Preloaded connectors feature pre-installed connectors.

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Description Price Connector Type Type Number of Ports Normalling Rack Height Depth
RS Stock No. 862-1642
Mfr. Part No.JFM231
Bantam Jackfield Audio 2x48 - 1U -
RS Stock No. 862-1646
Mfr. Part No.JFM232
Bantam Jackfield Audio 2x48 - 1U -
RS Stock No. 862-1652
Mfr. Part No.DVMM132B
Patch Bay Video 2x 32 - 1U -
RS Stock No. 862-1655
Mfr. Part No.JFHD224
B-Gauge Jackfield Audio 2x 24 - 1U -
RS Stock No. 862-1658
Mfr. Part No.JFHD232
B-Gauge Jackfield Audio 2x 32 - 1U -
RS Stock No. 862-1668
Mfr. Part No.JAF00303
Flexi Pack Jackfield Audio 2x48 Switchable Normal 1U -
RS Stock No. 862-1661
Mfr. Part No.MMUSAVT
U Link Audio, Video - - - -