Photography & Imaging

We have a wide selection of photography and imaging equipment to suit both beginner and pro photographer. As well as digital cameras from the leading brands Sony, Canon and Panasonic we also stock binoculars, depth cameras, scanners and drones.

There’s also a selection of accessories to choose from including camera bags and cases, tripods and a lens cleaning pen from Hama which is specifically designed to effectively clean optical surfaces and leave your lenses smear-free and sparkling.

Digital Cameras

We’ve a collection of compact digital cameras with a variety of features to help high-quality photos or HD video. Some other features that you may wish to consider when choosing your camera are:

  • Optical zoom – a must if you intend on taking a lot of photos of subjects in the distance. An optical zoom operates like a zoom lens found in a film camera and produces better quality pictures.

  • Digital zoom – in-camera image processing whereby the camera enlarges the image area at the centre of the frame and crops the outside edges, much like a photo-editing programme.

  • Megapixels – refers to the size of the image with 1 megapixel being equal to 1 million pixels. A pixel is an individual element of a digital image. The higher the megapixels the better the resolution, an important factor in digital photography as it allows for greater accuracy.

  • LCD size – these screens allow you to see what you’re about to take a picture of, so sometimes a larger LCD screen is more beneficial. Also check the brightness of the screen as this will aid visibility, especially if taking outdoor shots.

  • Video resolution – the resolutions e.g. 720, 1080 represent the number of lines a video has from top to bottom alongside the pixel width e.g. 1280 x 720. The higher the resolution the sharper the video.

Depth Cameras

We offer the Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D400-Series which use stereo vision to calculate depth and are USB-powered.

  • The D435 consists of a pair of depth sensors, RGB sensor and infrared projector and is ideal for adding depth perception capabilities in prototype development. It offers the widest field of view along with global shutter.

  • The D415 offers a narrower field of vision and is suitable for applications that need high accuracy, such as 3D scanning.


These remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles come in various models, with the most popular being the quadcopter, with four propellers to provide lift. Drones, with an in-built camera, are a great way to capture aerial shots and create film and are used both professionally and by hobbyists.

Things to consider when choosing a drone include:

  • Maximum flight time between charging

  • Operating frequency

  • Camera Pixels

  • Lens field of view

  • Maximum image size

  • Video resolution

  • GPS mode

  • Maximum altitude

  • Weight

  • Memory capacity

You must also refer to the laws and restrictions in your country before operating.

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