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    Cable Trunking Accessories

    Cable trunking accessories can be used either as standalone devices or in conjunction with new or pre-existing cable trunking systems. Cable trunking refers to enclosures used to protect and neatly house cables, preventing accidental damage or tampering whilst also providing space for other electrical equipment by reducing the room taken up by cables. They conceal and secure cables and protect your cables from dust or water damage. Typical accessories for cable trunking includes mounting components and directional pieces, such as 45° and 90° angled pieces.

    Our curated range includes a wide variety of products from industry-leading brands, including Igus, Legrand, Schneider Electric, and our own RS PRO.

    What are cable trunking accessories used for?

    Cable trunking accessories are ideal for use in the home and in commercial, office and industrial settings. They not only help to improve the visual appearance of a space by keeping cables neatly tucked away, but also ensure safety by removing the potential trip hazard caused by loose, sprawling cables. Consequently, cable trunking accessories are also used in a wide spectrum of places outside of work and domestic spaces, including schools, hotels, and shops, where cables need to be hidden from view and kept out of the way of the public.

    What types of cable trunking accessories are there?

    Our range comprehensive range of trunking accessories includes various products enabling you to complete your cable trunking installation. Some of the most popular accessories are

    Corner Cable Trunking

    Angled enclosures allow you to neatly join lengths of trunking into a corner of a room.

    Cable Trunking Joints and Cable Trunking Connectors

    Enable you to join lengths of trunking together to extend or change the direction of your trunking.

    Cable Trunking Retainers

    Fittings that secure your trunking in place.

    Cable Trunking End Caps

    Fitted onto the end of your trunking to neatly finish off the installation.

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