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    Brake Modules

    Brake modules are devices used to quickly and efficiently bring a machine to a controlled stop. They inject a direct current into the winding of an AC motor after the AC voltage is disconnected, which neutralises the electromagnetic field, stopping the motor from rotating. This works to actively stop the machine, rather than letting it coast to a halt. Brake modules can be located on or next to the piece of machinery they are controlling.

    What are brake modules used for?

    Brake modules can be used as an alternative to the friction braking system. When power is disconnected from a motor without a brake module, the rotor will spin until friction slows it down. With large rotors, this can be a significant amount of time. Brake modules improve safety and allow for better control when you need to stop machinery swiftly, in an emergency for example. 

    Types of brake modules

    Brake modules can differ depending on their power rating and supply voltage, as well as their response time. The type of brake module you select will depend upon how quickly you need the machine to stop once the instruction has been given.

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