Industrial Surge Protection

Industrial surge protection components protect devices and equipment against changes in the electrical current running through the system. Current spikes or transients can cause significant damage to equipment and is also a safety hazard.

What is industrial surge protection used for?

Industrial surge protection involves the use of surge suppressors and surge arresters.

Suppressors protect equipment from voltage spikes. They block or short to ground the current in, for instance, power distribution panels, process control systems and heavy industrial systems.

Arresters protect machinery from external occurrences that cause over-voltage transients like lightning strikes or switching events. These are installed in power transmission and distribution systems.

Types of industrial surge protection

Four primary types of industrial surge protection exist:

  • Secondary surge arresters fixed to the line side of the service panel to protect against current surges from lightning or switching events.
  • Branch surge panels are fixed to the load side of the main service entrance and offer protection against motor driven and internally generated surges.
  • Power strips protect sensitive electronics with lower voltage and ampere capabilities by blocking current spikes.
  • Surge protection modules provide point-of-use protection by protecting against overvoltage and current spikes.

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Description Price Maximum Surge Current Range Voltage Protection Rating Electrical Phase Series Mounting Style Impulse Discharge Current Length Width Depth Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Dimensions Operating Temperature Range
RS Stock No. 890-3718
Mfr. Part No.2905988
- - ≤2.5 kV 3 FLT-SEC-P-T1-3C-440/35-FM DIN Rail 25kA 95.2mm 106.8mm 74.5mm -40°C +80°C 95.2 x 106.8 x 74.5 mm -40 → +80 °C
RS Stock No. 653-6353
Mfr. Part No.2882828
18kA - 185 V dc - PT 2-TELE DIN Rail 10kA 90mm 17.7mm 50mm -40°C +85°C 90 x 17.7 x 65.5 mm -40 → +85 °C
RS Stock No. 776-3865
Mfr. Part No.A9L16311
15kA Acti 9 350 V - iPRD Plug In - 50mm 12mm 57mm -25°C +60°C 50 x 12 x 57 mm -25 → +60 °C
RS Stock No. 890-3714
Mfr. Part No.2905421
- - 2 kV 3 FLT-SEC-P-T1-3S-350/25-FM DIN Rail 100kA 95.2mm 142.4mm 74.5mm -40°C +80°C 95.2 x 142.4 x 74.5 mm -40 → +80 °C
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