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A world-class global brand offering a comprehensive line of sensors including limit switches, pressure sensors, photoelectric and proximity sensors.

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OsiSense XC Limit Switches

• Simplified, cost-effective installation and maintenance, No cables means no cabling cost at installation & No contact means significantly reduced maintenance costs

• Long-distance communication, 100 m wireless range, Range can be doubled with a dedicated antenna

• Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

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OsiSense XMLA Pressure Switches

• Used to control the pressure of hydraulic oils, fresh water, sea water, air, steam, corrosive fluids, or viscous products.

• The XMLA pressure and vacuum switches have a fixed differential and are for detection of a single threshold.

• Enclosure rating: IP65 with plug-in connector, IP66 with terminal connections

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OsiSense XS Inductive proximity sensors

• Extended Sensing Range

• Twice nominal sensing distance

• Flush mount

• Fast switching frequency

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