• RS Stock No. 833-0891
      • Manufacturer Intel
      • Mfr. Part No. EDI2.SPON.AL.S
      INTEL Edison Compute Module
      Product Details

      Edison Development Platform

      The Intel Edison is a System-on-Chip (SoC) development platform enabling inventors and consumer product designers to develop 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and wearable computing products. The Edison module works with the Edison Breakout Board or the Edison Board for Arduino. The latter features headers for Arduino Rev3 compatible shields.

      Edison SoC Module (RS Part No. 833-0891)
      Dual-core, dual-threaded 500 MHz Intel Atom CPU and 100 MHz Intel Quark microcontroller
      1 GB LPDDR3 POP SDRAM (Dual channel 32-bit @ 800MT/sec)
      4 GB eMMC Flash memory
      Broadcom 43340 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) WiFi
      Bluetooth 4.0
      40 x configurable 1.8 V GPIO
      On-board antenna
      Power supply: +3.3 V to +4.5 Vdc
      Connector: 70-pin Hirose DF40 Series
      Operating temperature range: 0 to +40°C
      Dimensions: 35.5 ´ 25.0 ´ 3.9 mm
      Atom Operating System: Yocto Linux v1.6
      Quark Operating System: RTOS

      Edison Breakout Board Kit (RS Part No. 833-0905)
      Edison SoC Module
      Exposes native 1.8 V I/O of the Edison module
      0.1 in grid I/O array of through-hole solder pads
      USB OTG with microUSB-AB connector
      USB OTG power switch
      USB to UART bridge with microUSB-B connector
      Li-ion battery charger
      Power supply connector: +7 V to +15 Vdc

      Edison Board for Arduino Kit (RS Part No. 833-0895)
      Edison SoC Module
      Supports Arduino Sketch, Linux, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
      Board I/O: Compatible with Arduino Rev3 shields (except only 4 x PWM)
      20 x GPIO pins (including 4 x PWM outputs)
      6 x analogue inputs: 12-bit resolution @ 1 MSample/sec
      UART serial port
      I2C serial port
      ICSP 6-pin header
      microUSB device connector OR (via mechanical switch) dedicated USB-A host connector
      microUSB device connector with USB to UART bridge
      microSD card slot
      Li-ion battery charger
      Power, system reset & shield reset pushbuttons
      System recovery pushbuttons
      Power supply 2.5 x 5.5 mm barrel jack: +7 V to +15 Vdc, centre pin positive


      Edison Breakout Board Kit and Edison Board for Arduino Kit both include an Edison SoC Module.

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        RS Stock No. 833-0891
        Name INTEL Edison Compute Module
        Manufacturer/Brand Name Intel
        Mfr. Part No. EDI2.SPON.AL.S
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