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    • RS Stock No. 665-6198
    • Manufacturer RS
    • Mfr. Part No. GP15AUP-2C4
    • RoHS Status
      Not Applicable
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    Maximum Operating Temperature+54°C
    Minimum Operating Temperature-20°C
    Nominal Voltage1.5V
    Operating Temperature Range-20 → +54°C
    Terminal TypeStandard
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    RS Power Ultra Alkaline Battery

    RS Power Ultra Alkaline battery, made with advanced materials, is designed to provide reliable and long operating power for high drain devices. It offers users seamless enjoyment with portable gadgets.
    Delivers superb performance with the new improved formula, up to 30% longer lasting than standard alkaline on high drain applications
    Best for: Digital Cameras, Photo Flash, MP3, CD Players, Electronic Dictionaries, Electronic Games, Remote-Controlled Cars and Battery-Operated Toys.
    Operating temperature -20 °C to 54 °C

    RS, Professionally Approved Products, gives you professional quality parts across all product categories. Our range has been testified by engineers as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price.

    Primary Alkaline

    Selection Guide
    Size Dimension Voltage Dia. Height Length
      Drawing (nom.) max. max. max.
          (mm) (mm) (mm)
    MN21 A 12 10.6 28.5 n/a
    N A 1.5 12 30.2 n/a
    AA A 1.5 14.5 50.5 n/a
    AAA A 1.5 10.5 44.5 n/a
    AAAA A 1.5 7.85 39.8 n/a
    C A 1.5 26.2 50 n/a
    D A 1.5 34.2 61.5 n/a
    F A 1.5 32.28 87.81 n/a
    9V(PP3) B 9 n/a 48.5 26.5
    Lantern C 6 n/a 115 68.2
    27A n/a 12 8.1 27.8 n/a
    Selection Guide
    Size Other Description ANSI/NEDA IEC
    N KN E90 MN9100 810 AM5 4001 910A LR1
    AA KAA X/E91 MX/MN 1500 815 AM3 4206//4006 15A LR6
    AAA K3A X/E92 MX/MN 2400 824 AM4 4203//4003 24A LR03
    AAAA MX/MN2500, E96 25A LR8D425
    C KC X/E93 MX/MN 1400 814 AM2 4014 14A LR14
    D KD X/E95 MX/MN 1300 813 AM1 4020 13A LR20
    9V (PP3) K9V X/522 MX/MN 1604 A1604 6AM6 4022 1604A 6LR61
    Lantern 996 PC908 908A n/a
    27A L828    
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